Edible Landscapes

During WWII, Americans were urged to plant a “Victory Garden”. This worked well to reduce the individual food requirements of the American family, so more food could go to the war effort. These days, food has never been cheaper as a percentage of our budget.

Still many people would like to be closer to the source of their food. As food has become more processed and it’s production more mechanized, many people are beginning to realize that food grown in neither tastes as good or is nearly as healthy. It uses a tremendous amount of energy and is not sustainable for the long term. It is also heavily subsidized by taxpayers and tends to make us more unhealthy.

These days, the situation is not as obvious as a world war, but the consequences are just as profound. As much as our current energy use is on an unsustainable trajectory, our food production systems can be a blight on our beautiful land when profit is the only motive.

A Victory Garden for the 21st century can be a way to learn about food production and enjoy the unbeatable taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. These can be beautiful landscapes that provide little treasures throughout the growing season.

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