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Gutters provide many advantages for a home. By diverting water away from the structure, gutters prevent erosion and protect the foundation from settling and thus separating from the rest of the house. Gutters also aid in keeping basements dry and protecting the home’s wall structure.

Disadvantages of Gutters

Unfortunately, gutters can be unfitting and unattractive compared to the overall aesthetic of a home. In some homes, gutters appear as a tacked on accessory, forgotten during design process.

Gutters also require maintenance and cleaning. When a waterfall develops from blocked downspouts and gutters full of leaves, maintenance is a must.

Going Gutter-Less

There are ways of incorporating gutters into the design so they disappear visually.

Gutter-less homes are feasible through properly designing a way to divert water from the house. Instead of a physical gutter, a well-designed ground drainage system will act as a ground gutter. By incorporating it into the landscaping, a ground drainage system’s design can be visually indistinguishable to the eye.

For the above Meadowlark custom build, larger stones strategically located around the home play double duty, both in aesthetically connecting the house to nature and in diverting rain away from the home. The vital underground drainage system is unseen—more evidence that what makes a quality home is not only the visual aspects but also a well-thought out design of how the home will be lived in and how it will connect with nature.