Tranquil Legacy

The confluence of Ann Arbor’s Mallets and Swift Run Creeks has created the South Pond wetland area, home to over 100 bird species. South Pond is the focal point for the amazing views in this Meadowlark custom-designed and built home.









The Problems

The previous home on the lot, built in 1958, was the site of many treasured childhood memories. It is where our client lived throughout adulthood. The previous home was in disrepair, so it was deconstructed and a new home built in its place. Designed to capture the serene views of the Huron River, this new home is as aesthetically stunning as it is resource-efficient.

“How do we fix this?”


I. Visualization of the Design Concept.

Work with the homeowner to find the special things that she wanted to re-create in the new build

  • Solution 1:  Repair the existing exterior siding and interior electrical
  • Solution 2:  Build a new structure using the old foundation
  • Solution 3:  Build a new structure on a new foundation to allow the appropriate proportion of spaces for modern use
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II. Design and Development.

Secure the views, re-create significant details

  • Solution 1: Install a wood paneled ceiling through the center axis of the home – a beautiful detail from the original
  • Solution 2: Allow for as much glazing as possible to open the home up to the river views but provide the comfort of efficient windows and sliding doors
  • Solution 3: Use custom details in the kitchen, living room entertainment area, and stair railing to allow the craftsmanship admired by the homeowner to be experienced

The Results

The home has many one-of-a kind features, including the stair railing and treads, custom cabinetry and use of reclaimed wood from the property for the live edge accents. Features like a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) roof, radiant in-floor heating, low-flow water fixtures and advanced framing techniques all help ensure that this home will be easy to maintain, energy-efficient and durable.

“This home is one-of-a-kind.”

Tranquil Legacy results Tranquil Legacy additional results

Aesthetically stunning