Arts and Crafts Goes Green

Our clients wanted a custom home to comfortably accommodate their immediate family of four — or 40 if the relatives were all in town. Privacy from neighbors on this urban site, low maintenance, aging in place, durability and energy efficiency were also important elements to incorporate into their new home. It should be casual and unpretentious while using quality, long-lasting materials throughout.

The Vision

The homeowners lived in a standard colonial in a typical neighborhood before encountering this tree-filled residential parcel hidden between two developed neighborhoods. This parcel included the privacy they were looking for in the heart of their city for and an opportunity to build their forever home for their immediate family and their large extended family.




Siting the house correctly overlooking a steep ravine while maximizing privacy and solar exposure were key components of getting this home just right. Energy efficiency was a goal with a target of LEED Platinum certification. Easy movement through spaces that would feel intimate for small gatherings but also able host larger parties with aplomb.

– Site the home correctly on the lot, designing the exterior experience in tandem
– Strategize on construction techniques to maximize energy efficiency
– Create progressions of spaces that make gathering areas that are comfortable in scale with 4 or with 40 people

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The house had a nice south-facing vista and a steep wooded ravine to the east. Earth-tones and natural materials help the house work with the conifers on the site to create a natural backdrop. The house would have several areas where movement between interior and exterior would feel seamless and natural.


Design & Architecture: Meadowlark Design+Build

Project Management: Meadowlark Design+Build

The Results

Meadowlark designed the home to achieve the highest level of LEED certification possible. Our in-house crews installed Durisol insulated concrete form (ICF) walls and Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) for the roof. Meadowlark’s architectural design incorporated numerous details, including two 15th-century limestone fireplace columns from Spain, decorative metalwork and art pieces created by family members. The home also features Meadowlark custom cabinetry throughout.

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