Marsie Surguine

CAPS, Designer

Marsie Surguine - Designer

Spending childhood constructing play-forts and doodling house designs led Marsie to pursue and graduate with a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Her desire to work in the residential housing field was solidified after spending her undergrad summers working for her grandfather’s building company, along with trips to New Orleans to build homes in Katrina’s aftermath. Marsie was drawn to Meadowlark’s design-build structure and reputation for sustainable building. She’s been with Meadowlark’s design department since 2012.

When outside the office, Marsie can be found cooking, reading thought-provoking books on the environment for a local eco book club, or getting outdoors for running, biking, swimming and hiking. When stressed, she tends to organize or clean – as evidenced by her color-coordinated bookshelves, closets and alphabetized spices. Fortunately her husband tolerates this quirk well and steers clear of the vacuum during a cleaning charge!