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Large Format Tiles

July 26, 2016Interior Design

Create a Sleek Look with Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles have been a popular trend in the tile world for years, but now we are seeing even larger tiles make their way onto the scene.

12 inch by 24 inch tiles were originally considered “large format,” but tile sizes have grown so large that 12 x 24 hardly qualifies any longer. Here at Meadowlark, we find that our clients want larger, cleaner, more seamless looking surfaces, which involve less grout — which is where large format tiles come into play. With tiles getting bigger and bigger, some tile manufacturers now carry porcelain “slabs” that are 50 in x 120 in!

Check out this porcelain tile by Ann Sacks, called Pietra, measuring 30 inches by 30 inches. The larger scale really emphasizes the drama of the Calacatta marble pattern.

Ann Sacks Pietra Field Tile large format tile

Image courtesy of annsacks.com


Minimal grout joints, sleek and sexy look, what’s not to love? Well, with great size comes great responsibility.

Larger tiles are more difficult to handle and therefore more difficult to cut. They can also be somewhat warped due to their lengthiness, which would be noticeable at the grout joints — not great when you’re going for a clean, smooth look. Although our tile setters can do their best to mud them as evenly as possible, the joints might still appear uneven. Knowing this information, the labor to install extra large format tiles runs a little higher than normal. Extra large installation can be done; it just might cost some extra money.

I am in love with this show-stopping collection by Ceramic Caesar, called Trace. Pictured below is the color Corten (as in Corten steel). The porcelain floor tile is a whopping 30 inches by 60 inches. The large grid pattern enhances the overall industrial style of the room in a unique way that draws the eye.

Trace large format tiles by Ceramic Caesar

Photo courtesy of Ceramic Caesar, www.caesar.it


We would be happy to walk you through some options for your next tile project, be it a kitchen, bath, or mudroom. We have a talented staff with (extra large) creative brains to help you design and build your next project.

By Amy Etz