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Bold powder room wall coverings

May 31, 2016Interior Design

Bold powder room: how and where to think outside the box

Thinking outside of the box?  Found that bright color you want to test on a wall, but you’re afraid it isn’t “timeless”?   If you are afraid to commit to a color or concept and want to try to stretch your wings and experiment with something BOLD, do so in your powder room!

Powder rooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms offer minimal wall and floor space and a chance to diverge from a color palette that might be more soothing for rooms that you spend more time in.

These types of rooms are transitional and thus poised for activity.  Unlike family rooms or bedrooms, where you might want to relax and calm down after a long day, these transitional spaces can be full of character and design.  Use these areas to express yourself!

Here are creative ways to explore and be BOLD:

powder room wall covering

Powder room with William Morris wallpaper

Wallpaper:  You can’t deny the artsy advancements that this fabric adds to a space.

We recently had a home on the Remodelers Home Tour, and the William Morris wallpaper selected by the homeowner in the powder room was an absolute hit!

Flooring:  I recommend Marmoleum for spaces that receive high traffic, mud and water.

marmoleum vivace fiery fantasy

Marmoleum Vivace – Fiery Fantasy

Marmoleum is so easy to clean up and offers an incredible color palette.  Go bright and bold on your floor!  Colors on horizontal surfaces are not nearly as intense as colors on vertical surfaces.

Mudroom with marmoleum flooring

Mudroom with Marmoleum

Decorations:  Select artifacts that have aesthetic interest while being functional!

My favorite way to express interest is in wall hooks, pieces of art, or one-of-a-kind counter tops.

Introduce funky hooks and shapes to hold bags and coats, such as this from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie wall hooks

Photo credit: Anthropologie

When you’re ready to make your move, give us a call and let’s talk!

By Melissa Kennedy