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Experience, Energize, Equip

Experience, Energize, Equip

Two weeks ago, one of our recent remodels was showcased on the NARI Home Tour. The tour provided an opportunity for inquisitive members of the public to visit a home that had been cared for by Meadowlark’s Design and Construction team during a major gut remodel and addition. This home, beautifully intertwined with the hilly site overlooking the Huron River, the refreshed built environment, and the cared-for detailed furnishings, had an emotional impact on every person who entered.

open living space, open kitchen

Open kitchen with views of the Huron River

Meadowlark’s lead designer, Jimmy, and one of our interiors specialists, Katie, worked with the homeowners to create useful, functional and restful spaces that are used by the homeowners on a daily basis. Our emotional response to a physical space allows for an encounter, an experience, that is truly life changing. The “oooh’s” and “aah’s” that each person expressed as he or she walked through the home spoke of the larger story: the precision with which the designers, owners and builders weave the thousands of parts and pieces together.


motawi tile hearth surround

Living room with Motawi hearth tiles


This was the story of a once rundown home that needed (and received) some tender love and care through architectural design and interior details. A space well designed – a space graciously considered – has the power to energize us and equip us for the obstacles, no matter how monumental or mundane, that await us during the day. If you’d like to start your day in the space that’s right for you, let’s talk.  Let Meadowlark help you intelligently energize and equip your space!

By Melissa Kennedy

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