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Two-tone Kitchens

March 24, 2016Kitchen Remodeling

Two-tone kitchens with visual interest, warmth

The trend in kitchen design is undeniably the white kitchen — many homeowners love the fresh look and versatility of a kitchen with white cabinets. Countertop and tile options open up when pairing materials with a white kitchen. But many homeowners have told us they fear an all-white space will feel too cold. A great way to warm up a white, painted cabinet layout is with a mix of cabinet finishes. Here are some ways to add visual interest as well as warm up your space with a two-tone kitchen:

two-tone kitchen, butcher block

Contrasting butcher block countertop

Contrasting Island. An island is a perfect area to add a contrast, as it is already separated architecturally. A wood finish warms up the space and sets off this element of the kitchen, creating a natural focal point. Often, we use a contrasting countertop — even butcher block — as well as a furniture base on the island to make it feel more like a piece of furniture. These simple architectural details enhance the space and encourage people to gather at this “heart” of the kitchen. Another option is simply switching paint finishes. Try a fresh, white cabinet at the island and a warmer tone at the perimeter of the kitchen.



Lighten up upper cabinets. Choosing to change finishes on your upper cabinets is another way to add contrast and interest to a kitchen. Using a darker finish on the base cabinets grounds the space, while a lighter finish on the upper cabinets feels airy and open. Group tall items like the refrigerator, wall ovens, and double pantry cabinets together and finish with the darker cabinet color — these tall items will anchor the kitchen.

two-tone kitchen, stainless

Two-tone kitchen with grey and celadon accents

Mix it up. Another way to incorporate two-toned kitchen cabinets into your home is by mixing materials. Pair a painted cabinet finish with a sleek stainless steel cabinet front for amazing contrast and visual interest. Looking to warm up your kitchen? Give Meadowlark a call and let’s talk!

By Jen Hinesman

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