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Staging 101: When less is more

March 1, 2016Uncategorized

Easy tips for staging your home

First and foremost let me be clear: I am not an interior designer, nor do I have any credentials that would lead anyone to believe that I should even be talking about interior design! To be honest, I have a chemical engineering degree from Michigan from back when we were using Fortran cards for computer programs AND Christmas decorations!


Image from Pinterest: pin/533817362059372078

However, I have always had a passion for interior design. Lucky for me, I finally found a job where I can bring that passion to my chosen workplace. Staging our Meadowlark projects for home tours and photography shoots is where I have the most fun and where I get the most satisfaction. It is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination, but it brings immediate results. There are very simple guidelines for staging – generally my mantra is “less is more” –  but I stumbled on an article on freshome.com today that I thought really articulated some great ideas on how to go about getting a home ready for resale. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your home, these tips are great starting points to freshen up your current digs without breaking the bank.

reading nook

Create a cozy reading nook

It’s a new year and it’s freezing outside …so why not dive into some DIY projects at your house to help freshen the place up? And remember my mantra… less is more, less is more, less is more.

By Susan Christian

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