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Now what are they doing with the roof – solar shingles?

October 27, 2015Green Building

How many of you have driven by our offices at 3250 West Liberty in Ann Arbor and wondered “now what are they doing with the roof?” We have had a busy summer here at Meadowlark and in an earlier blog post I addressed all the commotion going on with our roof this past summer. All of us troopers here at Meadowlark weathered the storm and were excited with the installation of new solar panels and DOW POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles that were now starting to generate silent, clean power while we all worked underneath. We were also excited with the “silent” part after enduring several weeks of overhead pounding!

DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles on Meadowlark roof

DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles installed earlier this summer.

Solar Shingles 2.0

So just when we thought it couldn’t get any better…it has! I am pleased to report that after some additional overhead  “commotion,” we now have a third counterpart to our solar generators on the roof. Thanks to a collaboration with DOW, Meadowlark is now a beta test sight for their latest and greatest in solar generators – the DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar System 2.0 (PH 2.0). Like the current POWERHOUSE™ shingles, these new shingles will operate as both a roof and a solar product that is installed directly onto the roof deck and integrated with the existing roofing shingles. However, PH 2.0 has a higher energy density and has been developed with the professional roofer in mind. PH 2.0 has projected lower installation costs than previous versions, eliminates the need for specialty underlayments, and results in fewer roof penetrations as compared to traditional solar panels.

DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle install

DOW staff watch on as the roofers prep for installation of PH 2.0.

Now with all three types of solar generation systems on our roof we can gather data from each and see how they compare in operation and efficiency. We are literally working in a living, breathing laboratory that is trying out the latest technology from DOW…HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

DOW POWERHOUSE Solar System Solar Shingles

Next generation DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar System 2.0 installed on the roof

Our journey continues here at Meadowlark…stay tuned!

By Susan Christian


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