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Freshen Up your Laundry Room

August 4, 2015Uncategorized

I want clean laundry. Actually, I want the Laundry Fairy to come in and do my my children’s laundry…no questions asked! Until my Laundry Fairy arrives, I’ll settle for a super functional laundry room. This is what’s on my laundry list (pun intended!):

Front loading washer/dryer with a counter above

Yes, I want to do 25 pairs of jeans (not that we actually own 25 pairs of jeans collectively, but…) all at the same time. Just like the commercial shows. My choice is a matching white pair of appliances — white is timeless and fresh — with a counter above so the laundry detergent doesn’t make a mess on my nice new machines. I like to use maple butcher block (IKEA has a good option) since it is cost effective and resilient.

Folding counter

The higher counter over the washer/dryer is an excellent height for folding — no more backaches as I fold laundry on my bed. I also like to mix-and-match materials, i.e. white Corrian at the main counter and butcher block at the raised counter over the washer/dryer.

Utility sink

meditation spa

If your space allows, there is nothing better than a utility sink for those nasty stains. The drop-in models that self-rim (that edge that laps over the counter) are a good option in a utilitarian space like the laundry room. The advantage of a drop-in sink is that you can use a laminate counter. I know — laminate counter! Laminate is a great cost-saving option in the laundry room and it has a ton of super fun colors. Corian is also a great option — I like a fresh white — and you can also use an undermount sink for an upgraded look. Add a sink tap with a pull-out sprayer and I’m in stain fighting heaven!

Open shelving

Again, my laundry room has some work to do. Open shelving allows for flexibility — storage for laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. — and I can actually reach the shelves when mounted over a front-loading washer/dryer. Open shelving in a base cabinet is also handy for storing laundry baskets.

Forgiving flooring

IMG_6413 copy

Tile is the obvious choice, but marmoleum is my personal favorite. Marmoleum is a sheet product so there is no grout to clean, it is resilient, comfortable to stand on, durable, and comes in fantastic patterns and colors.

Built-in ironing board

DSC02831-forweb copy

I like to imagine my more-organized self ironing — especially since my ideal laundry room would have a nice, new/y built-in ironing board. Wall mounted ironing boards are amazing for small spaces as the small board folds out of the wall and there is room for iron storage. All of this is contained in with a door panel that can be painted to blend in with the wall color.

Wall color

Keep the wall color light and fresh — just like all of your clean laundry.

By Jen Hinesman

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