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One Year at Meadowlark

June 4, 2015Uncategorized

I have just finished my first year working at Meadowlark and, as one customarily does after reaching a milestone, I have decided to reflect back on the last 365 days to remind myself what made it such a great year…the people.

Jimmy at his desk edited

As this is a company blog – you would expect me to extol the amazing virtues of all the people that I have worked with at Meadowlark (which is completely true!), but those folks are not the people to which I refer.  What has made my year so enjoyable are the clients that I have been privileged to work with.

JImmy on the job

Now it goes without saying that every homeowner is different, and each comes with a unique story about their project that inspires us as we move the design forward. It’s the woman, (affectionately known as “top-shelf” in our office), who is showing great strength in making the decision to demolish the home that her parents built years ago because it is no longer suitable or safe for her mother and her to live in, and in rebuilding a new home on the lot. It’s the couple that took on the inspiring task of saving an old farmhouse from demolition and refinishing it to save a piece of local history for the next generation to enjoy. It is their stories and the relationships that I build with them that compel me to help them achieve their goals and to work with them, as a designer, an advocate, and as a neighbor.

This has been an incredibly rewarding year as part of the Meadowlark team because in my mind, the Meadowlark team exists beyond the brick walls of our office and our jobsites. The Meadowlark team includes the clients we work with and the community in which we serve.

By Jimmy Bevilacqua

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