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Embracing Awkwardness

April 14, 2015Architecture

Feeling awkward in your own home? If you cringe every time you look at a space in your house, here are some tips for embracing awkwardness and making those spaces organized and efficient. Without major structural change, these spaces can be functional and contribute to the overall look of your home. All it takes is some creative thinking! Corners Awkward and unused corners can be transformed into beautiful and functional storage spaces. These spaces can become a small office, reading nook and even a beautiful art studio. Corner 2 Corners 1 Corners 3 Sloped ceilings in the attic Sloped attic ceilings just need a bit more planning. It can make the room small but with a creative touch, it can become a beloved space in your house. Low bookshelves, fitted wardrobes, and dramatically colored wallpaper are great solutions. Attic1 attic2 The spaces under the stairs With vacant space underneath the stairs, there are options that can make your home more functional with some organization and construction. Built-in storage, wet bars, and reading benches are some creative ways to make the space functional. Stairs1 Stairs2 Stairs3 Gaps between appliances in the laundry room Appliances often leave awkward spaces where the washer and dryer float in the laundry room. Since more storage is always a plus, you can fill the gaps with floor-to-ceiling stacked custom storage cabinets and narrow roll-out shelves! laundry2 laundry1 Spaces in the kitchen Awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, between kitchen appliances, and on top of the fridge are the best place to store, organize and decorate your kitchen. Install shelves above cabinets for more storage or to keep cookbooks organized, or get custom-built cabinets for a more seamless fit. kitchen2 kitchen3 Are there other spaces around your home that feel awkward? Start writing down a list of things that feel awkward to you. When planning your next remodeling project, talk to your designer about how to make your awkward spaces into gorgeous, functional spaces.

By Minhee Choi

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