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Our Behind the Drywall® Series Continues!

March 17, 2015Behind the Drywall

We are excited to return to Northville for it’s second Behind the Drywall Tour® and Meadowlark’s 14th! It’s a beautiful new custom Meadowlark home in a beautiful new development, and we can’t wait to show it off.

Front Perspective

Our clients came to us with the desire to build a home that would be durable and resource-efficient, with healthy air quality and a design that would accommodate their family far into the future. Meadowlark’s design team worked with the development’s stringent architectural review committee to develop a home that is both beautifully traditional and technologically advanced. Blending seamlessly into its neighborhood, those passing by won’t know about all the material science and building technologies turning this into a model of sustainability.

This event is free! However, space is limited so preregistration is required. Please keep in mind that this is a construction site, and is not heated. Appropriate footwear and outerwear should be worn by those in attendance.

Join us to see how one family turned a passion for sustainability into their journey home. Visit behindthedrywall.com and click on Our Current Tour for more information and to reserve your tickets.

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