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Another Successful Behind the Drywall Tour!

December 17, 2014Behind the Drywall



Our Behind the Drywall Tour at the Green Country Ranch home on the 13th and 14th was a smashing success with 153 attendees! Many thanks to our own “Event Diva” Susan for coordinating the event. Everything came together beautifully, and lots of folks came out to get a behind the scenes look at the home. Another round of hearty appreciations to Project Manager John and his crew for working like crazy to get the site and the home ready for the tour. Between all the preparation and the valuable info you provided on the house, the site, and the owners, you guys did a fantastic job. And lest we forget, thanks (and warm drinks) to Doug for leading the tours, and Designers Melissa, Jen, and Jimmy for representing the Design crew during the tour. This was truly a team effort, and our hard work on these tours helps keep our vision for sustainable building front and center in the community. Check out our Behind the Drywall site for our next tour dates and times.

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