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Snowflakes from Toilet Paper Tubes – Who Knew?!

December 16, 2014Behind the Drywall

By Susan Christian

For the second year, we “crafty” people at Meadowlark have found a way to recycle trash into something fun and beautiful for the holidays. The fruits of our labor adorned the Green Country Ranch Behind The Drywall® Tour home this past weekend, and we received lots of wonderful feedback from all who attended. So much so, that we decided to offer up instructions on making these delicate decorations. It is actually really easy! 1.  Flatten tubes (can be from toilet paper or paper towels) and mark off 0.5 inch increments with a ruler. cutting paper tubes 2.  Cut 0.5 inch strips. Toilet paper cut strips 3.  Arrange on a cookie sheet into your desired pattern. Small detail pieces are made by folding pieces in half. You can copy ours initially, but after a while you will find yourself going rogue! Arranging on a cookie sheet PIeces to the wreath 4.  Hot glue the pieces together. the finished productthe finished product 2 We kept ours simple, but if you look online there are versions that have been painted, glittered, berried, and bejeweled. Enjoy! BTD_GreenCountryRanch2

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