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So what is a “Green Country Ranch,” anyway?

This home has earned the nickname “Green Country Ranch,” and, depending on your particular inclinations, you can read this as a ranch house that is resource efficient, or – you can read it as a country ranch that is in a spot that is particularly verdant, or – you can read it as a ranch home with a country vernacular that is resource efficient, or – you could read it as something that we haven’t even thought of! It’s ambiguous on purpose and we think it fits this project perfectly. A-201 EXTERIOR VIEWS OPTION ONE Our clients hail from Ireland and France, where they grew up in smaller, more efficient homes. They came to Meadowlark looking for something that was contrary to the current building standards they had seen in the US – namely larger homes with inefficient floor plans and little concern for durability and sustainability. They had purchased an idyllic five-acre lot just outside of Dexter, Michigan, and wanted to capture the beauty of its beautiful sloping prairie. IMG_2801 copy The result is a home inspired by blending European sensibilities with an American classic – the ranch. With a great view looking south over a meadow of waving grass, this house is the very smallest that could be built on this site. Situated on a sloping hillside, this home with a full-walkout lower level, has been designed to maximize the winter sun and harvest the summer breezes. Currently, the lower level contains the family bedrooms, master suite, and family/play rooms; however, as our clients needs and accessibility change, there is a full bedroom suite upstairs that will accommodate one-story living, if necessary. A durable building envelope, advanced HVAC system, and lots of green technology will ensure that our clients will be able to stay in the home long into the future regardless of how their accessibility requirements change or how energy prices rise. This home features:

So no matter how you read it…this is a wonderful project and we look forward to showing it off. Stay tuned to our events page for more information on tours of this home.

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