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Five Ways to Take Advantage of a Rainy Day

August 29, 2014Uncategorized

By Marsie Klug

Rain, rain, go away Come again another day… Unless you are meant to stay, Then shall we go and play? We’ve had quite a few rainy days this summer, and that got us thinking of ways we can turn those rainy days to our advantage. In an attempt to go with the flow, here are a few solutions: rain-barrel Harvest the rain in a barrel. Rain barrels are an eco-friendly way to aid in harvesting rain water for your garden. Rain barrels capture rainwater from gutter downspouts and typically store 45 to 65 gallons of water. A variety of rain barrel options now exist, from terra cotta pots to whiskey barrels. Want a rainy day project? Make your own rain barrel! Just search for DIY rain barrel for a plethora of how-to ideas!

A comfortable reading nook

Nook with a custom bench by Meadowlark.

Find a cozy nook to read a book. Nooks and alcoves provide a way of feeling connected to the larger room, while being tucked away in a more intimate space or corner. Add a window to the exterior in the nook and you can further appreciate a cozy space on a chilly rainy day. Lacking a nook? Nooks can be easier to add to room then you may initially think, a small 20 sq. ft. bump out might be just the trick!
A bright sun room

Meadowlark helped make this screen porch a popular home hangout.

Paint a picture of a sunnier day on your sun porch. Cannot escape the reality of rain? Allow your imagination to dwell in a sunnier realm! A sun porch or a screen porch provides a connection with the outdoors while remaining dry.
A well-lit kitchen.

Lighting can make a dreary rainy day be forgotten while inside.

Create the illusion of a sunny day with lighting Lighten the mood and forget the dark outdoors with properly placed lighting. A brightly lit interior can provide a temporary reprieve from the rainy outdoors. A beautiful rain chain Install a rain chain Like a downspout, a rain chain controls where the water leaves the roof; however, watching rain trickle down a rain chain is far more enjoyable than a hearing it slosh down a spout. Plus rain chains add a flair to the exterior of a home.

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