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Memories from our 10 Years

June 18, 2014Uncategorized

By Katie MacGillivray

MLB-LOGO-10thBlow up the balloons and put on your party hats, folks! Our little company is turning the big 1-0. That’s right! Meadowlark is having its tenth birthday this year, and to celebrate we’re looking back at fond memories and lessons learned.  Without further ado, here are ten “Meadowlark Memorables”:  “[My most awkward moment at Meadowlark was] photographing a house when a homeowner walked in and they had forgotten I was going to be there. They were gracious about it, but it was weird for both of us!” – Jessica Letaw “Work hard, have fun – and don’t be afraid to learn new things every day.” – Jen Hinesman “[My proudest moment was] when we moved into our present building and the first day I drove in and saw all the cars in the parking lot. I felt like we were finally a real company!” –Doug Selby “We are far from perfect. Owning mistakes and designing a better solution encourages creative thinking and is also very humbling.” ­–Melissa Kennedy “One of my earliest interactions with Meadowlark was my second interview. It was my first time at the company. I was so excited to be there, I loved the building, it was great! So there I was all dressed up, and as Melissa was introducing me to the design department, I tripped and nearly fell flat on my face. It says a lot about the company that they hired me anyway.” –Katie MacGillivray  “We do DISC (personality) testing, and when I first met Doug and Kirk for my initial interview I had already completed a DISC test. It seemed they knew more about me than I knew about myself right out of the gate!” –Melissa Kennedy “[I have learned] reaching out to the local community for mutual support not only is good for business but it is even better for developing friendships.  ‘Think Local First’ is a wonderful mantra for both work and personal direction in anything!” –Susan Christian “Seeing clients excited and happy about the potential of their home and then again with the finished product – was and still is my proudest moment.” –Jen Hinesman “Meadowlark was my first baby, so moving out from above the garage was a great feeling. We finally had a building we could call our own, but more importantly, we were moving into this schoolhouse we knew would be an example and symbol of what we stood for as a company. That was my proudest moment.” ­ –Kirk Brandon “We believe in working together as a team – if you aren’t willing to be part of an honest, ethical, challenging and growing team, this isn’t the place for you!”  – Melissa Kennedy While there are countless other “memorables,” including our first mistakes and completed projects, our marketing successes, and Dave’s highland jig (just to name a few); here is one “memorable” we believe sums up our ten years: “No matter what you think you’re working on, what it’s really about is the relationships. Be WITH the person you’re working with; be sensitive to the fact that they have a wide life outside of your particular project; and if you work hard to identify and meet their needs, they’ll often reciprocate warmly and more fully than any formal request could have accomplished.”  – Jessica Letaw Thank you to all of our supporters, suppliers, and clients, who have helped make this company what we are today. We are truly grateful. Happy tenth birthday, Meadowlark. Here’s to many more!

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