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Practicing What We Preach and Preaching What We Practice

March 27, 2014Green Building

By Susan Christian

It’s one thing to come to work and start talking up the idea of living a more resource-efficient lifestyle to our clients, it’s another thing to actually live a greener lifestyle 24/7.  We would like to say that, as Meadowlark employees, we strive to do just that – both in our professional and personal lives.  Now don’t get me wrong – we aren’t perfect and there is always lots of room for improvement, but I think we are conscientious about how our actions affect the environment. IMG_5912-rev copy 2 smaller A perfect illustration of this happened last summer when Meadowlark and their employees added seven electric/hybrid vehicles to their existing fleet of fuel efficient vehicles parked in our lot at 3250 W. Liberty. Of those seven, five were purchased by employees for their daily commutes to the Meadowlark offices. Doug Selby, Meadowlark President/CEO and Ford Focus EV owner, loves that our parking lot at work is filled with fuel-efficient vehicles.  He likes to add that “these vehicles illustrate both our company’s and our employees’ commitment to becoming more resource efficient in our daily lives. We tout walking lighter on the earth to our clients, so I feel strongly about practicing what we preach in our personal lives as well.  We don’t just come to work and put on our ‘green’ hats and then leave them at work…we wear them all the time.” Meadowlark hopes that in the future there can be solar powered charging stations at the office so all of us who own electric vehicles can plug in using the sun to power our commutes.  As an electric car owner…I look forward to that!

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