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Architect’s Corner: On the drawing board: niches

March 20, 2014Architecture

by Michael Kirchner

In the Meadowlark Design Studio, we typically have a multitude of projects in the hopper. We see a lot of whole-home renovations, additions, and a number of ground-up new construction builds. Working on such varied projects, while challenging, is extremely rewarding. The “styles”, budgets and scopes of work are varied; so are the clients and personalities. Nothing is ever really the same thing twice! Even with a large custom new home, we are constantly challenged to find creative and useful spaces in the house. One of our mantras here at Meadowlark is maximizing use and value instead of overall square footage. One interesting project currently under development is a new home for a family of four. Their two daughters both enjoy reading and studying on their own. The parent’s had a great desire for us to “carve out some space” where they would both have private and individual getaways to study, read, or just relax. In less than forty square feet of total floor space we’ve managed to “carve” a unique retreat within each child’s room. A custom desk with a slide-out pencil drawer with a computer on top, a comfy bench seat (with a circular window and view) with storage below are all defined by custom pass-through shelving – an incredible amount of storage for books, toys and knickknacks! A small space has been created that will evolve and grow with the children as the become teenagers and then young adults. We’ll check in on this project’s “niches” towards the end of the year and see how it turns out! NICHE-small

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