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A Serene Escape in the Midst of Campus Madness – An Amazing New Ann Arbor Home Grows Out of a Hillside Overlooking Nichols Arboretum

March 18, 2014Behind the Drywall

Small lot – big dreams! Not only is the lot small, it’s also on a very steep hill with a large house above it. To make matters worse – access for construction vehicles and large deliveries is restricted by the tight lot and a very narrow street. Not an easy footprint to build a house on. So why even try? The reason…an amazing view overlooking Nichols Arboretum, just off the University of Michigan campus. The lot is also at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on a dead-end street – an oasis amidst the frenzy of campus life and a busy college town. nichols-arboretum The view of the Arb The design of the home was a long process. The homeowners had a vision. The challenge was to take their vision and come up with something that would be feasible given the restraints dictated by the lot.  With the owners working closely in tandem with the architect and Meadowlark, their vision is becoming a reality. Construction began in late fall of 2013 and the home is on track for completion by late fall 2014. house on a hill The house above Building on a hillside brings its own challenges. First and foremost, before any construction could be completed, the site had to be stabilized. An existing home perched on the hill above, hangs over the construction site. In order to keep that house from sliding down the hill, vertical steel shorings 20 feet high had to be pounded into the hill for stabilization. From then on, a combination of concrete, steel and LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) has been utilized to build a framework that will withstand all that life and nature brings for many years to come. Project Manager Al Project Manager Al in front of vertical steel shorings If you are curious about seeing the inner workings of this home while under construction, come to our Behind the Drywall® Tour on April 12 and 13, 2014. This popular tour series, started in 2007, gives the public a unique hands-on chance to visit and view the latest in green building techniques and design before the drywall goes up.  For more information on this upcoming tour please visit: BehindTheDrywall.com.            

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