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February 14, 2014Architecture

By Michael Kirchner

I cannot lie. I changed my desktop photo (two BIG screens) to a scene of a giant ocean wave before getting started at work this morning. It’s Mid-February and I just read the other day that Ann Arbor is one of the Top-10 snowiest places so far this season in the United States. I try my best to forget this fact. Snowiest. Is that even a word??? See how I did that? All of this snow and ice makes we long for the liquid state of water. Something like beaches or crashing waves. Palm trees and deep azure seas. Ahhh…..my mind is adrift now! Floating out in the warm waters of the ocean! OK – back to reality! I don’t have any Caribbean vacations on the books so I need to go to Plan B, and quickly! All of this reminds me of a super cool house that I saw online recently. This is NOT a home that Meadowlark had anything to do with but I’d like to share it. Called the “Jellyfish House”, it is located in Marbella, Spain and was designed by the Dutch office, Wiel Arets Architects. Maybe a trip to Spain is in order as it is going to be 68 degrees there today! The concept is spectacular! It’s a little James Bond, a little daring and conceptually something that I cannot believe actually got built! A cantilevered and glass-bottomed pool as the roof of your house? Crazy, right? We are versed in Green Roof technologies but this would be a whole new category for us – a “Blue Roof” category? I like this project for many reasons. It’s all the things I said above, but most importantly it was envisioned by somebody. Then – just like that floating lair in the Bond Movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me” (see the spider-esque photo below), somebody had to DESIGN AND BUILD it! While we haven’t designed and built any Villain Lairs or See-Through Pool Roofed houses (yet!), we DO design and build some pretty darn cool things here at Meadowlark Builders!  Green Building and Remodeling, New Custom Homes, Kitchens, Baths – we can help take YOUR idea and make it something REAL! Ride a wave in and come see us!

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