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The Architect’s Corner: D.I.-why?

January 22, 2014Architecture

By Michael Kirchner

As an architect working for a design/build firm, I tend to think most things are doable concerning home improvement. I also tend to think that I can (and should) do it all at my own house!  At first, I attack all remodeling projects with a great fervor. Why hire someone to do what I can do, right? I’m all-in and can’t wait to get started! I’ve got the right tools, a functional work space, colleagues I can ask technical questions to if I’m stumped. D.I.Y? You bet I’m doing it myself! However, the one thing I don’t have is – time. Working all week solving design issues during the day and helping tend to a 10-month-old boy at night doesn’t leave a whole lot of time. Imagine my surprise when I realized that running a table saw might disturb a baby’s nap time. Geez! Now I ask, “how am I going to get this done? I want my free time to spend with my family. The last thing I want to do is fret over unfinished base trim and closet doors. Yet, here I am – the quintessential Do-It-Yourselfer doing exactly that! I now realize that my own renovation chores are way too much to deal with, and that it’s really the last thing I want to be doing. Yes, I’ve realized that I don’t want to be a DIYer anymore, at least for now. I’m now in the process of hiring one of our own awesome trim carpenter professionals to help me knock it all out instead. Our guys do this sort of stuff day in and day out. It’s done quickly, correctly and right the first time! Yet another reason for the D.I.Y’er to step aside! Let’s get this done right, efficiently and quality! Time is precious, it is elusive; babies grow up and we all wonder “where’d the time go?”. So do yourself a favor – hire Meadowlark.  Do It FOR Yourself. Even if you too are a D.I.Y. veteran. Your family, and heck, yourself, will thank you for it!

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