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Outlet Opportunities

January 16, 2014Uncategorized

By Melissa Kennedy

It is very helpful for me to frequent stores like Stadium Hardware, Carpenter Brothers, and Downtown Home & Garden. It allows me to stay mindful of building products – and some finish products – that are affordable and available on the “in stock” market.  One day last summer while out shopping, I discovered two relevant products.  Both can be installed in a conventional outlet location. The night light: This is typically a plug-in device that gets beat up by the dog, vacuum cleaner, or child for whom it is intended. It typically plugs into an outlet and is rarely moved from one place to another. That is why I am recommending this item to you: Cooper Night Light. This is wired similar to your standard outlets in your home; the square style faceplate is clean and contemporary.   The USB port: The devices we use to access information are so portable! Information can be accessed nearly everywhere in our homes. It is, however, the cords used to charge these laptops, cell phones or iPads that are cumbersome and lengthy. The Leviton USB/outlet device now allows you to charge at some of your most needed areas. I have a charging station at the “drop zone” of my kitchen and have found the convenience of this priceless.

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