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Shaping up in 2014 – A Meadowlark Spin

January 3, 2014Uncategorized

By Marsie Klug

Happy New Year! Hopefully any of your resolutions made have not already been neglected! The transition point between an old and a new year can provide the fuel for change, or at least the declaration and hope of change. USA.gov recently posted a list of popular New Year’s resolutions – with some liberty taken, below are Meadowlark’s spin on the resolutions and our strategies to help you shape up for 2014! The Top New Year’s Resolutions – Meadowlark’s take: 1. LOSE WEIGHT Bulging with too much space? If excess space is an issue in your home, consider the mantra “less is more” and downsizing to a smaller home! A well-designed space can make a smaller space feel large and open. Being more efficient in heating and cooling, a smaller, well-built home will also reduce utility bills – another excess worth losing in 2014! Need help determining what diet plan is best for your home? Meadowlark has well-trained design and Green-diet consultants ready to work with you to create realistic and achievable steps to trim up your home! 2. VOLUNTEER TO HELP OTHERS Find ways to give back to the community – the possibilities are endless! Shovel snow from a neighbor’s driveway, build homes with Habitat for Humanity, or join Meadowlark, Liberty Athletic, and the Red Cross by donating blood on January 10th! 3. QUIT SMOKING… … up the kitchen with your cooking! Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) can provide the needed air exchange while recovering approximately 70% of the energy from the already conditioned outward-bound air. ERVs are only one of the strategies Meadowlark can incorporate to improve the ventilation in your home. Visit our website to discover more energy efficient ventilation system strategies. 4. GET A BETTER EDUCATION This planet is our home, become better educated on how you can do your part to care for our home! Learn why Green building makes sense for today. 5. GET A BETTER JOB Make improving your home your new job!* * Note: maintaining your current job, or another job, will help facilitate the financial side of improving your home. 6. SAVE MONEY A well built home saves you money! Lower utility bills by making your home more Green! Meadowlark is nationally recognized for our experience in incorporating Green building strategies into homes: from the foundations and framing of the home; through heating and cooling systems, like Geothermal; to how water is transported through the home, like PEX plumbing; and even considering how the landscaping can improve the sustainability of the home. tape-measure-small 7. GET FIT In a new home! Meadowlark can build your custom dream home with spaces conducive to getting fit, like a Pilates’s room, indoor swimming pool, or recreation room. 8. EAT HEALTHY In a new kitchen! Meadowlark can design and build a kitchen to meet your needs and assist in making healthy meals! 9. MANAGE STRESS Are you and your family members constantly tripping over one another due to lack of space in your home? Is mud being tracked throughout your house due to the entry lacking adequate storage for shoes and coats? Is your daughter’s homework being disrupted by your son’s trombone practicing? Is there no place in the home for refuge and refreshment – a place to return to a peaceful state? Have you considered an addition for more space? Or considered having a mudroom carved out to receive the muddy shoes? How about insulating an interior room for noise reduction so your son can practice his trombone without disrupting others? Or adding a four-season room to have a place to reconnect with nature, paint a picture, or read a book and sip tea? Whether room and home additions or an entire home renovation, Meadowlark can help strategize ways to revamp the home to reduce stress, instead of a home instigating stress. 10. MANAGE DEBT Invest in the future by building or tailoring a home to your needs. Meadowlark will work with your budget to create a home with the potential of transforming your lifestyle. A wise investment in the future prevents and/or reduces future debt. 11. TAKE A TRIP Imagine taking a vacation to a warm destination, preferably with palm trees and clear-blue waters, and returning to a new home/newly remodeled home! Though Meadowlark strives to keep a neat construction site, an extensive home remodel may require moving out during the demolition and early phases of construction. Instead of staying with relatives or renting a place during a home construction project, why not take a venture to warmer climates and allow Meadowlark to create a new haven for you to return to from vacation and everyday after work, school, and extracurricular activities? 12. REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE Find ways to incorporate Green strategies into everyday life.  Bike, or dog-sled, to work. Replace plastic grocery bags with reusable bags at the grocery store.  Buy local to reduce the toll on the environment with the transport of goods. Incorporate strategies in your home to encourage recycling, like a recycle bin pullout drawer in your custom kitchen.  Or reduce energy consumption with Green building and construction. 13. DRINK LESS ALCOHOL Resorted to drinking the alcohol stash to quickly due to being worried about the vintage wines spoiling because of an inadequate wine storage environment? Allow Meadowlark, through the design-build process, to help create the perfect wine cellar, equipped with separate temperature controls and locks to keep out unwelcomed visitors! Questions? Feel free to contact us and discover how the services Meadowlark provides can shape up your home and make your resolutions a reality!

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