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Aside from her many talents in interior design, our very own Marsie Surguine is a whiz with haiku. She can rattle off a haiku in the time it takes most of us to type the subject line of an email. She finds inspiration everywhere, and recently, she shared some of the gems she created in response to the last two home tours we completed.

A Haiku Refresher

For those of you who need a refresher, a haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that consists of 17 syllables broken up into three lines with a 5/7/5 syllable count by line.

Home Tour Haikus

Enjoy these haikus!

Standing on the mat,
Amy shows the clever way
to avoid puddles.


From its lofty perch,
the toilet paper awaits,
ready to refuel.


Hanging high above,
the glowing orbs light the space,
both art and decor.


In a camouflage,
the outlet is functional,
but also discreet.


A cubby for you,
and cubbies for mom and dad,
and one for me too!


More daylight enters
the once dark ’70s kitchen,
thanks to new doors.


With even more space,
the kitchen invites us in
to cook many things.