Meadowlark Builders is a national leader in green building, green remodels and high performance custom homes. We combine building science expertise with our in-house crews specializing in alternative and green building techniques. We hold more LEED Platinum custom home certifications than any other builder in our region of the country.

Sustainable homes start with excellent green design and green architecture. Meadowlark performs this important step either in-house or in a close working relationship with other outstanding architects and green building designers. Simply stated, there is no substitute for good planning when building green. The quality and performance of your home depend on it.

For your special project, go with a company that understands how to get the most efficiency out of green buildings. There are few investments in home remodeling or home building that will pay you back over time, but building green gets more valuable over time. Whether you are looking for a home that is off the grid, a passive house, a net zero energy house, or one that merely costs less to operate and maintain while delivering excellent livability, Meadowlark Builders is your singular choice for the best in quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

Inspiration for Green Building: To see our green renovations and custom green homes, please visit Work.

What is Green Building?

Green Building encompasses many different areas and disciplines. Broadly, we aim for buildings that behave more like a biological entity – homes that need no water or energy inputs to operate, are made from rapidly renewable and ecologically-friendly materials, and support good health, both inside and out. This is not some pie-in-the-sky dream. The technology exists today and represents a good investment in your home.  It’s also a great way to diversify your portfolio. We look forward to the day in the not-so-distant future when these technologies are commonplace and easier to invest in.

To optimize a home, no matter what the level of investment, there are some key areas to look at when building green.

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Green Design

Meadowlark Builders is a nationally recognized leader in green design, green custom homes and green remodeling projects.

Your one-stop source for green design for homeowners, architects and building professionals

Whether as part of a larger team or working directly with homeowners in a Design-Build method, Meadowlark is your one-stop source for green design and architecture services.

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Green Building and Construction

Meadowlark Builders provides expert green building and green construction services. More than just building or remodeling homes that are barely meeting code, a Meadowlark home is crafted to a higher level. It’s about more than meeting requirements for Energy Star, LEED, Net Zero, Living Building Challenge and/or Passive House standards. Although worthy measures for certifying green homes, our broader goal is truly sustainable building.

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